Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Daiso brush pen review

Bought some brush pens while I was at Daiso today! Since I decided to buy 3 different kinds, I figured I might as well do some sorta of review on them. Now, keep in mind I normally don't draw with brush pens, so my penmanship isn't the best. With that in mind, on to the review!

 I put the Sakura Micron pen there for a size comparison – the Zebra pen is the same size, while the other 2 are slightly longer.

 The tips! The platinum one is white because you actually have to put the ink into the pen yourself. Just a warning – the ink cartridge has a ball stopping the ink from flowing out, and you have to push it down (like the marble you see in Ramune soda bottles). When you do that, the ink splatters around so I would suggest doing it over a sink or some newspaper.

Zebra: It's pretty nice to draw and write with, and I like that it isn't too thick. It does get a little “fuzzy,” but I think that might be due to the paper I was using (index card). On watercolor paper, it did pretty well. If you use water right after inking, it will smear, but once it's dry, it is waterproof. The ink is also a pretty solid black. Overall, I think this is one of my favorites.

Platinum: I have mixed feelings about this one. One of the turnoffs for me was having to put in the ink myself, because as I said before, I got everywhere. Also, even though I screwed the pen back together pretty tight, some of the ink still leaks out and gets on your hand. If you don't mind that kind of mess, you might like the pen more than me. After I put in the ink, I had to shake the pen for a while to get the ink to the tip as well. However, once the tip had loaded with the ink, I really liked how I could do both thin and thick lines (although I think that's only when it was first loading – now it's mostly thick lines lol) One thing I like more about this pen, though, is how the lines are cleaner than the Zebra pen. The ink doesn't take too long to dry either, so you can use it for watercolor paintings. I think the ink for this is the “blackest” out of the 3.

Sailor: Probably my least favorite, but still nice. There's 2 ends, but honestly, there's not much difference between the two, even if one is “larger” than the other. I actually get more control using the larger end. Don't think I'll be using the smaller end anytime soon. The ink also isn't as “black” as the other two pens. However, like the other two pens, this one is also waterproof once you let the ink dry a bit.

Overall, they're pretty nice pens! They only cost $1.50 each, so if you feel like trying out some brush pens, I would probably recommend the Zebra one, since it writes/draws pretty well and doesn't leave a mess on your hands. (Don't need to worry about ink leaks in your bag if you carry it around, unlike with the Platinum).

Friday, March 15, 2013

An update!

Sorry, no artwork to post today.  So instead, here's the latest progress on my animation!

I'm polishing up that shot right now, and then I start my next class during the last week of March!  Exciting!

Concerning drawing, I am working on a picture, but I'm not allowed to show it yet because it's for an artbook!  More details about that later.  For now, I will be going back to my animation!

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Happy Valentine's Day!

...or Happy Singles Awareness Day, whichever you prefer.  

I don't know about you, but I'm excited to buy chocolate tomorrow.  Best time to stock up on Godiva and Lindt, I say (and whatever sweet catches my fancy).

As for me, I've been busy with Chinese New Year performances (I've got one tomorrow and a couple on Saturday), and I've been performing over at Disneyland all weekend.  I was sad I couldn't see Chip and Dale this year though.  Ah, well -- at least the photo I took with them last year will last me a lifetime.  

In between performances, I managed to sketch a bit, and these 2 are probably my favorite:


And with that quick update, I'm out!  Back to homework!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Awesome message

...from an awesome person.

Every artist should listen to this.  If you already knew this before, great!  But seriously, don't sell yourself short.